You choose the way to help that's best for you

Be The Match has volunteer opportunities no matter where you live, what your skills and interests may be, or how much time you can offer. You can work as part of a team or on our own. Help out on a one-time basis or provide longer-term support.


Do you want to help administratively?
Volunteers help with mailings, event preparation, and more at the Coordinating Center (500 N. 5th Street, Minneapolis).

Do you want to grow the Registry?
Volunteers across the country help community engagement staff work schools and civic organizations to educate and add more donors to grow the Be The Match Registry.

Do you want to help support patients?
Volunteers with personal marrow transplant experience help support patient and caregivers going through their own transplant journeys and help educate transplant center staff about resources available for their patients from Be The Match.

Do you want to help impact legislation?
Volunteers help advocate via email or in person with state and federal legislative representatives to shape legislation, make the case for continued funding, and raise awareness of the important work we do.

Do you want to help raise funds?
Volunteer’s help with event support at functions that raise funds to grow the registry, provide assistance to transplant patients and families, and advance research that improves transplant outcomes.

Do you want to help by sharing your specialty?

If you have a specialized skill that you believe could benefit the organization, please email the Volunteer Services Team at to further explore ways to get involved.

Use the links below to find additional ways to support the cause that do not require creating a volunteer account:

Join the marrow registry

College Programs

Host a donor drive

Raise funds

Donate cord blood